A great injustice in Dallas!! Ruben (Angelo) Riguero’s murderer set free!!!

Ruben Riguero

Today my heart is broken. I have lost respect and confidence in the Dallas District Attorney and police department.

To know that my friend’s, Ruben Riguero (AKA, Angelo) killer was set free without even a trial!!!! When myself and half a dozen other witnesses saw Branagan Hopkins, a drug dealer that was on parole, murder my friend for no just cause!! Why is this murderer allowed to walk among us and why is it that someone with a record of aggravated assault with the intend to kill, can carry a gun and not be punished for it, let along shoot an innocent man!? When we called the D.A office to ask about this their unofficial answer wasunfortunately when a drug dealer kills a stripper no one cares” WOW!!! Here is some news..I Care!!! The police ask me not to talk to the media because it would hurt the investigation, so they said. However, looking further I find myself looking at CORRUPTION, DISCRIMINATION and PURE NEGLIGENCE in the district attorney’s office and the Dallas PD detectives.

I now will tell you the truth of what happen that night as I witnessed it starting inside Cabaret Royals after hours club..

We entered the night club with about a dozen friends. Inside we went straight to the dance floor, Angelo, Luis, Ralf, JD and myself as the others wandered around for bit. Our friends Elvin and Bo join us a few minutes later with their lady friends. We were all dancing and having a good time when I see Elvin talking to Branagan (The Murderer). It didn’t seem like there was any agitation at first, but that changed when Branagan hit Elvin in the face with a right hook. JD seeing this charged Branagan and tackles him. Ruben jumped in as well as one of Branagan’s friends to separate the fight..Ruben kept saying ”lets just calm down”. One minute later they were separated. It seemed like things would be ok, but the bouncers showed up. They got in the middle of Branagan, his friend and us, when this happened Branagan ran to the side and came back to punch Ruben in the face. The bouncers grabbed Branagan and slamed him to the wall, then the floor, while punching him and kicking him. They them grabbed him and threw him through a side door where 4 bouncers followed. He got his ass kicked inside the club, I can only imagine what the bouncers did to him outside the club. Thirty minutes later we decided to leave. I walked out with Ruben to valet where Ruben left his car. He ask me if I wanted to go somewhere else since this place was ruined and I said sure. I walked to the back parking lot where my car was and pulled out to see Rubens truck coming towards me and then turn right. I followed Ruben when I see him get out of his car and walk towards a pick up. In the pick up was Branagan. I was about 15 feet behind Ruben to his right. Branagan said something to Ruben, then Ruben slapped the mirror of Branagan’s pick up, Branagan lowers his window half way pulls a gun and shoots Ruben in the chest. I screamed Branagan looks at me and peels off. Ruben dies within minutes.

This is what happened that night. So why was Branagan set free?? The D.A Craig Watkins ,who has been under investigation by the FBI for corruption, as seen in this articles, http://www.dallasnews.com/news/crime/headlines/20110713-fbi-corruption-squad-pays-a-visit-to-dallas-district-attorneys-office.ece and also this, http://www.examiner.com/article/indictments-raise-new-suspicions-on-dallas-da-watkins-actions-motives has let Branagan walk without even a trial!! What did Craig Watson have to gain by releasing Branagan??? Its obvious that Branagan is well financed as he posted fifty thousand dollars on a half million dollar bond within 24 hours of his confession of the murder of Ruben Riguero.  And why didn’t the police department assigned a detective to this case with so many witnesses?? I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS. IF YOU WILL NOT STAND FOR CORRUPTION AND INJUSTICE I ASK YOU TO SHARE THIS! I ASK YOU TO STAND WITH ME IN FRONT OF THE DA OFFICE 133 North Riverfront Boulevard LB 19, Dallas, TX 75207, ON MONDAY FEBRUARY 4TH AT 12PM TO PROTEST AND STAND TOGETHER AGAINST THIS GREAT INJUSTICE IN OUR CITY!!!!


Multiple time convited felon Branagan Hopkins





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